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Personal News:

I started with a intermittent fasting Program around Christmas last Year. I thought I could never not eat for a longer period of time without suffering hunger and other bad symptoms! Surprise, Surprise I could do it and it was not that hard at all. But I prepared myself and developed a personal way to success (down from 100Kg to 81Kg this morning! This equals about 42 pounds). I will tell you here in short what strategic Steps I took:

  1. 1.I started with a low Carb diet

  2. 2.I went over to Keto

  3. 3.After a couple of weeks I changed to intermittent fasting with 20 hours fasting and a 4 hour eating window

  4. 4.Then I ate only OMAD (one meal a day) And at this point I felt already much better and healthier. I canceled my Blood Pressure medicine because it fixed itself.

  5. 5.Since 4 weeks I still eat OMAD but through 2 days a week Monk fasting in with 36 h fasting (Starting in the evening at 19:00 and eat the fasting break at around 14:00 two days later) So I normally end up at 2 times a week with 44h “extended” Monk fasting.

  6. 6.Additionally I walk about 12000 Steps on my fasting days in the evening when my family eats. I feel not hungry at all but I don’t want to waste time watching them eat.

  7. 7.And here is a very important point I did all the Time: I kept myself informed and listened to potcasts from Dr. Berg, Thomas DeLauer, Dr. Jason Fung, Ken D Berry MD, Dave Asprey, Dr. Chris Knobbe and many more. Look them up on Youtube. I learned as much as I could about Body and Food/Nutritions as I could. I learned to differentiate about what the big food companies promote and what is good for you. I used logic and not authority to make my decisions! I learned that a doctor who does not make money on Youtube makes only money to have patients which are sick and take medication. I don’t want to be there, I want to be cause over my health independent from Business people who pretend to help you.

What happened?

- I lost weight.

  1. -My old Jeans and Shirts fit perfectly again.

  2. -Cough in the night, sweating and snoring disappeared.

  3. -Much clearer Mind and more creativity.

  4. -Higher Emotional Tone Level, more relaxed.

  5. -I gained a lot of time by not cooking and eating so much.

  6. -I feel much more cause over my body and my life and I like that.

Negative points are that people around  me always ask to have a beer with me or eat some snacks or.... The positive point is that I can resist very easy. When they have a beer or booze, I have a Water. I also do the whole grocery shopping for the family and I feel no urge or graving at all to eat outside my plan.

If you like to join the plan, I can help with advise.